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Fresh Enterprise
Fresh Enterprise teaches secondary school students about the food industry by giving them the opportunity to create their own food products and experience the journey from concept to store shelf.
Child with a fruit bowl
Healthy Zones
Our Healthy Zones programme supports schools to create a food environment that puts young people's health centre stage.
Children cooking
Holiday Food and Fun
The Holiday Food and Fun programme provides fun activities and hot, healthy meals to children during school holidays.
Honeybee Programme
The Honeybee programme is designed to raise awareness of the vital importance of honeybees in food production and to introduce teachers to the wonders of keeping bees at school.
Know your Onions students on market day
Know your Onions
Know your Onions gives secondary school students an opportunity to try cooking and growing to stimulate an interest in food and a love of the natural world.
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School Garden Grants
School Garden Grants provide schools with funding to transform lifeless outdoor spaces into thriving gardens where students can grow fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Schools to Market
Now entering its tenth year, Schools to Market invites schools to take a food journey from seed to supermarket.
Children cooking
We Can Cook
We Can Cook is a new hands-on cooking programme for primary school children, introducing them to the fun of creating and tasting delicious food.
Welcome Session - children gardening
Welcome Sessions
Welcome Sessions are fun, hands-on gardening workshops that help schools warmly welcome and integrate refugee children into their school community.
Students selling produce
Young Marketeers
Young Marketeers brings together children from local primary schools to produce and market their own delicious fresh fruit and veg.