• Salad bar in school dining hall
    2 April 2024
    Canada to launch its first national school food programme
  • Back of a young child's head in focus and an out of focus child facing the camera, both eating school food.
    21 March 2024
    Record number of UK children in poverty
  • School food matters photo
    14 March 2024
    Urgent government action needed to ensure all entitled pupils can receive their free school meal
  • Children queuing to receive school meals from two adult staff members
    14 March 2024
    Three in four parents support delicious and nutritious school meals for all
  • 12 members of the Youth Select Committee sat round a table in Parliament, asking questions of three people on a panel
    6 March 2024
    Youth representatives in Parliament call for more and healthier school meals
  • five young children in peak caps behind their market stall with vegetable produce on it
    6 March 2024
    Budget: school food snubbed, household support fund subbed
  • School food matters photo
    27 February 2024
    We urge the government to advance food education and food provision in its spring Budget
  • School food matters photo
    22 February 2024
    Research reveals big food companies rely on profiting from children’s health
  • School Food Matters calls for an urgent extension to the Household Support Fund
    20 February 2024
    School Food Matters calls for an urgent extension to the Household Support Fund
  • Child holding up a knife and fork in front of a school meal in a school dining hall
    20 February 2024
    Parents call on government to extend free school meals
  • Children eating healthy school meals
    15 February 2024
    What exactly does it cost to produce healthy, sustainable school meals?
  • Good School Food Awards judging panel
    9 February 2024
    Get nominating: Jamie Oliver opens award to honour school food champions