Schools to Market

Now entering its tenth year, Schools to Market invites schools to take a food journey from seed to supermarket.
Whole Kids Foundation

Run in partnership with the Whole Kids Foundation, the programme takes students right from the first steps of food production – planting their own crops – all the way to learning how to make delicious produce from their harvest, market their product and sell directly to real customers. Students participate in the following activities: 

  • Assembly - to help students understand where their food comes from and introduce them to the programme. 
  • Chutney masterclass - our School Food Matters chef visits participating schools to teach them how to make delicious chutneys.
  • Veg workshop - our fantastic gardener visits schools to help them launch a thriving and colourful vegetable patch
  • Store mission - students visit Whole Foods stores to look at the range of products available and think about how they can present. their chutney to maximum advantage through labelling and salesmanship.
  • Farm trip - students visit a farm to pick some delicious chutney ingredients.
  • Market day - pupils sell their chutneys at their local Whole Foods Market to raise money for their school’s food education programmes. 

Chutney recipes

Schools can access our recipes and guides for making chutney here

Need help setting up your school garden?

Check out our dedicated gardening resources page

"I loved learning new skills in the kitchen. I had never used a peeler before and now I can peel apples!” - Student

"I really enjoyed the farm visit. It was great to go to the countryside and to pick our produce. It really made me think about where our food comes from" - Year 7 student 

"I didn’t think I’d be any good at selling, but actually I was great!" - Student

“It is great to see the group coming together; they have more confidence, they are learning new skills and working as a team. It is a great opportunity for kids who aren’t necessarily the best academically” - Teacher