Healthy Zones

Our Healthy Zones programme supports schools to create a food environment that puts young people's health centre stage.

We’re working with schools to ensure healthy food is prioritised throughout the school day in seven London areas, including Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Westminster, Ealing, Wandsworth, and Islington.

Get involved

To find out how we can help your school, get in touch with our Programme Manager, Georgie:

We will provide support to develop:

  • School food policies – this could be introducing a meat-free day or promoting water-only
  • Healthier breakfast club menus – swapping croissants for fruity yoghurt pots
  • Healthier after school club menus – introducing simple, delicious recipes

The programme uses a whole school approach, involving everyone across the school community - from parents and catering staff to school governors and students. We offer training and workshops for staff and parents to build the skills and confidence needed to offer healthy alternatives, whilst taking into account the school’s resources and budgets. Through engaging, hands-on sessions, we also work with students to hear their opinions and ideas, which inform policy changes, recipes and menu design.

Healthy Zones is part of a wider 10-year programme delivered by Impact on Urban Health and its partners to improve children’s health in urban areas. The programme aims to change the food environments in places where children and families spend their time: home, school, high streets and green spaces.

Impact on Urban Health is focusing its support in Lambeth and Southwark, areas of low income that are flooded with unhealthy food. Funding from Nutritional Wellbeing Foundation, Westminster Foundation and Ocado has allowed the programme to extend to schools in Tower Hamlets, Ealing, Westminster, Wandsworth and Islington.

Research: what does it cost to produce healthy school meals?

Funding for school food in the UK has been allocated at different rates depending on factors such as schools’ settings, types, and locations. The current levels of funding are felt by many to be inadequate, but what level should funding be set at?

To help answer this, School Food Matters has commissioned research to determine what it really costs to produce delicious, nutritious and sustainable meals in English schools.

The research falls under our flagship Healthy Zones programme and will be conducted by Bremner and Co in partnership with Cohesion Consulting from February to July 2024. It will cover meals served in primary, secondary, special schools and alternative provision settings in England.

It will bring together partners from across the school food sector to gather evidence and build consensus on a recommended price for a school meal. Find out more here.