Our strength is working in depth, in one or two areas at a time, with parents, head teachers, local authority officers and others to create and implement changes to school meals and to support food education.

Transforming school meals can be a daunting task but we’re here to help. To kick things off, read our Six Top Tips for getting started on a new school food contract.

A good school food culture can help your Ofsted inspection

From September 2015, school food will contribute to how schools are rated by Ofsted in a new Common Inspection Framework.

“Inspectors will look for evidence of a culture or ethos of exercise and healthy eating throughout their entire inspection visit, in classrooms as well as the school canteen. They will look at the food on offer and visit the canteen to see the atmosphere and culture in the dining space and the effect it has on pupils’ behaviour.”

If you are a school contact us to:

  • Kick-start, expand or find funding for food education ideas at your school by using the resources on our web site or joining our Membership for Schools programme
  • Stay informed about helpful initiatives and relevant national updates via our Newsletter and Latest News or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Get your school listed as one of those who would like to join our partnership activities with selected food retailers.  Our members have priority on participating in our exciting growing/enterprise projects, subject to geography.
  • Invite us to help advise on better catering standards and procurement practices if you want to handle the school meal service yourselves.  Our member schools receive a template catering specification for fresh, sustainable school food.
  • Invite us to review the effectiveness of food delivery and food education within your school*
  • We can facilitate site visits and arrange for you to hear from the experts.  We will identify schools that are providing an excellent school meal service and organise a day of site visits and fact finding*
  • We can help introduce the Food for Life Partnership framework to your school by visiting and assessing where you currently meet Bronze, Silver and Gold Award criteria, preparing a Road Map to Gold for your school, writing and submitting your first award application and running an all-school Food for Life assembly to help inspire your students and staff*  
  • We can help you work with your Local Authority if you want to change your school meal service

*We charge a nominal fee for this service; members receive 10% off, or in some cases can receive this service for free subject to our funding.

This useful Checklist for Head Teachers is a fantastic resource that can be utilised by teachers to improve the take-up and food culture in your school.