If you're a parent and you're worried about school food then you'll be encouraged to know that the power to change the menu is in your hands.

  • Call or email us – we are happy to help answer any questions you may have or direct you to resources that are useful.
  • We can connect you to useful case studies and information via our website that will help you start your own campaign or raise funds for particular projects at your own school.
  • Stay informed about helpful initiatives and relevant national updates via our Newsletter and Latest News or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • We can offer you advice about hosting a campaign event in your area that will engage a wider parent body.
  • We can help you target your Local Authority if you want to change your school meal service.

We know that making changes to school food and food education can be a daunting prospect and many parents feel a little overwhelmed.  At School Food Matters we've come across some pretty impressive parents and we would like to share their stories so please get in touch. And remember, the School Food Matters story began with one parent - a parent just like you.