Local Authorities

In 2010 we started work with LB Richmond to transform school food in 40 primary schools successfully moving the service from frozen food to cook fresh in every school. Lessons learned from the Richmond campaign can be shared with any local authority.

"School Food Matters were a very valuable part of the working group" Matthew Paul, Chair, School Meals Working Party LBRuT

Menus now meet the Food for Life Catering Mark Gold standards, take-up quickly doubled and the meal price came down. To understand the steps taken to bring about this transformation, please read our independent evaluation of the Richmond campaign. Parents and children are key to the process and we have helped local authorities with parent engagement and pupil voice workshops.

We can help:

  • Work with you on creating better catering standards for your next catering contract
  • Bring different groups together to form effective school meal working parties within your LA
  • Find examples of great school meal services to inspire you
  • Engage parents and children so that they can help shape your school meal service

"We commissioned SFM to devise and deliver a parent survey so we could find out what parents want from the school meal service. The data gathered was most illuminating and the survey an invaluable contribution to the procurement process." Amandeep Gill, Achieving for Children