Corporate Partners

We engage with companies in varied and exciting ways and provide them with meaningful employee-engagement, brand and marketing benefits, and many other opportunities to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

School Food Matters helps create tangible social change in the schools in our community and in education policy nationwide. Partnering with us means you become part of this change as well.

From motivating your staff and consumers, to helping boost your brand and fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, there are many different ways to engage with us.

Charity of the Year

There are so many ways to get your employees involved and make a partnership with School Food Matters something that helps not only your staff, but also your community. A strategic partnership with SFM could include corporate team building events, community outreach, co-branded retail items, high-profile event attendance/sponsorship or a bespoke programme that uniquely fits and amplifies your corporate goals

The benefits of making SFM your 'Charity of the Year' include:

  • Bespoke activities for your employees throughout the year
  • Media and PR opportunities
  • Opportunity to improve the lives of children in your community
  • A more motivated and engaged workforce
  • Increased customer loyalty

We are happy to work with companies regardless of their size and can easily customize programmes to fit your specific needs. 

We Can Help with Your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Whether you select us as your Charity of the Year or not, partnering with SFM can help meet your commitments in:

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • Investing in your local community
  • Employee engagement
  • Social, environmental, and economic impact

Get in touch
 with us to explore how we can add value to your CSR needs. 


School Food Matters runs on-going food education programmes that give children hands-on exposure to cooking, gardening, healthy lifestyles, and more! These provide companies with varied sponsorship opportunities. We are happy to discuss new sponsorship options with you.

To view some of our on-going projects, check out our: Young Marketeers project with Borough Market or our Schools To Market  programme with Whole Foods Market.

Cause Related Marketing/Co-Branding

Partnering with School Food Matters can bolster your marketing objectives and increase sales all while improving food education in primary and secondary schools in the UK.

When 81% Cone & Duke University, 2008 of consumers say they are more likely to buy from companies associated with charitable work when compared to their competitors without that association, partnering with SFM becomes a no-brainer! 

Have a product or campaign you’d like to partner on with us? Want to hear some of our ideas? Reach out to start a conversation

Employee Activities

Why limit your employees to typical team building exercises? What about an evening of culinary fun with a top chef? A bread making workshop? A day out at a farm with employees’ family members? A gardening afternoon with a celebrity gardener?

Together we can develop activities for your employees that help bring them together and increase morale – all while supporting School Food Matters! Each corporate activity would be paired with similar activities for children in local schools. 

Organising a Fundraising Event at Work

Whether you want to organise a Bake Off competition, a pub quiz, a dance-a-thon or another fun activity with your colleagues to help us improve the future of children across the UK, we’re here to help you with ideas and advice. 

Gifts in Kind

Are you able to provide culinary or gardening tools? A gift in kind can help us furnish student kitchens and gardens across the city.

Have something else to give instead? Great! We can use gifts as prizes for raffles and auctions. A gift can be a physical product or a voucher. 

Payroll Giving and Matching

Payroll giving is an easy, tax-effective way for your staff to donate directly from their gross salary. Matching those donations not only helps motivate your employees, it also shows them your commitment to charity! 

Contact Us

If any of these opportunities appeal to you, please reach out! Reach us at or 020 8878 8333.