Our Impact

Since 2010, we’ve been evaluating our food education programmes.

We collect both qualitative and quantitative data from each and every programme in order to ensure that we are on track, making an impact and delivering our mission.

Teacher, Beormund Special School - Young Marketeers: 'Two of the boys that attended the sale found their hitherto disguised social skills and really threw themselves into the role of stall holder/fundraiser. They were polite, charming, concise and determined to sell every vegetable they had to offer. They went away (proudly) with a much better appreciation of their wider abilities. They now have a memory of their own success, which they can store up and bring out on those days when things aren’t going so well to remind themselves of what they can achieve.

 Each child was able to find something in the project to engage or inspire them. The staff were delighted that Beormund boys, who often present as disaffected and disinterested, were totally focussed on the tasks at hand. Thank you so much for allowing us to fit in as appropriate to the needs of our ‘special’ students.'

Student, William Byrd School - School Garden Grants: ‘We really enjoy being in the garden looking after the seedlings and watering them helping them to grow. It’s great fun seeing the fruit growing and eventually picking and taking it to the kitchen to prepare for our lunch. It’s especially good when we see everyone eating it for lunch and the little notice telling them where it came from!’

Teacher, The Courtyard AP School - Schools to Market: 'The students were in awe at the farm. They found it so inspiring to be out of the city learning about the outdoors. One girl said 'I’ll never forget this'. Giving them the chance to find out about where food comes from was invaluable.’

Student, Skinners Academy - Know your Onions: 'I enjoyed the cooking session the most because I got to learn different dishes and now I cook them at home.'

Teacher, Greenford High School - Fresh Enterprise: 'I am so impressed by the people skills that the students have learned throughout this project. By designing their own product and label and then pitching it to real professionals they have experienced something that is difficult to replicate in the school environment.'