The Holiday Food and Fun programme aims to provide a variety of activities and a hot, healthy meal for primary school students during the school holidays.

Since the programme started in 2018, we have run four holiday food and fun clubs across two primary schools in Ealing, over the Easter and summer holidays. These were developed and delivered in partnership with Belazu Ingredient Company, who provided funding and a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

We're now joined by the folk at Abel & Cole who are not only supporting a holiday programme at a primary school in Wandsworth, but also donating delicious fresh fruit for the children to enjoy every morning!


The types of activities include arts, crafts, sports and games. The students receive visits from our gardener, Cath, who teaches them how to pot seeds and inspires the children to think about where food comes from. We also offer cooking sessions run by chefs who introduce the children to lots of new foods and culinary skills.

Staff from Belazu and Abel & Cole are given the opportunity to volunteer at the school and see first-hand how much the programme helps the children and their families. 

As well as providing a hot meal and fun activities throughout the holiday, the club acts as a learning stimulus. Children lose some of their learning over the summer break making their return to school in September a challenging time. By combining food, fun and structure, the children are able to hold on to the progress that they gained over the course of the previous school year.

Parents are very positive about the programme, which provides their children the opportunity to run around and socialise, and also access to healthy food:

“The children stay healthy and active, and it gets them off their phones.”


“They can socialise and have a relaxing atmosphere in school.”


“It gives them something to do during the summer and make new friends.”


“Coming to the club means that the children get a healthy meal and get to run off all the energy that they have.”