Schools to Market

Our eighth year of the Schools to Market programme in partnership with Whole Kids Foundation reached a successful close in October, with school-based Market Days held across London.

Schools to Market Covid-19 style!

Covid presented a big challenge to the Schools to Market programme this year and we were sad not to be able to attend our usual Market Day at Whole Foods Stores. However, our schools rose to the challenge, engaging all their enterprise and marketing skills to host an exciting school-based Market Day.

  • Chutney masterclass - Chef Ruth Quinlan put together a video showing schools how to make chutney with easy-to-follow instructions. Students then had the opportunity to join a live Q&A session with Ruth to sort out any chutney challenges. We then sent kits to all participating schools to help them get cooking.
  • Marketing workshop - Our marketing sessions went virtual with tips for creative label writing and marketing to entice customers!
  • Farm trip - Sadly, we were not able to run farm visits this year… so we brought the farm to the children! Chef Ruth conducted her Q&A sessions out on the farm, so that students could learn all about harvesting and preserving fresh, seasonal fruit and veg. 
  • Market Day - This year Market Day was held at school with students selling their treats to raise money for more food education projects.

All of our Schools to Market worksheets and materials can be found on our Resource Hub.

“We absolutely love taking part in this project and were extremely happy that it could still go ahead despite the new restrictions. The children have enjoyed all of the steps, from the Zoom calls and label making, to vegetable growing and cooking. Thank you so much!”

"I loved learning new skills in the kitchen. I had never used a peeler before and now I can peel apples!”

Schools to Market has won two prestigious awards, celebrating the winning School Food Matters/Whole Foods Market partnership. Read more about the Charity Times award here and the Foodism 100 award here.