Students pick strawberries at a farm

BLOG: London’s lockdown kids escape to the country for farmyard fun

29 June 2021

The drizzly weather certainly didn’t deter St Mary’s RC Primary School’s pupils one bit as they jumped on the coach to Crockford Bridge Farm in Surrey.

Basket of fruit

Junk Food Ad Ban Plan

29 June 2021

After the successful work of children’s health campaigners, the Government is restricting unhealthy food adverts on TV and online.

School Food Surveys

21 June 2021

The campaign for a government review of school food in England brings together leading practitioners and campaigners working to improve school food, and influential voices from the education sector to form the campaign’s working group.

Children being served up a school meal

Webinar - Is it time for universal school meals?

17 June 2021

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated levels of food insecurity for millions of households with children in the UK.

BLOG: Students in Gloucestershire grow veg to feed those in need

14 June 2021

It is Healthy Eating Week, and our Young Marketeers programme, which teaches children about the origins of good food, is progressing well across the country.