What's for lunch at UK's top visitor attractions?

23 October 2018

Judging by this new report from the Soil Association's Out to Lunch campaign, if you're visiting one of the UK's attractions this half term, best pack a lunch!

The Soil Association ranked the food and drink at the UK's top visitor attractions and found some pretty dodgy ingredients, and a distinct lack of vegetables.  Thankfully, at the top of the table, they found some good food at reasonable prices.  Here's what they found:

  • Top of the table was Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and rock bottom was Legoland
  • Attractions are using promotional deals to push unhealthy junk food on families.
  • Attractions are not being honest with parents about where children’s food comes from.
  • British attractions are failing to support British farmers.
  • Attractions are serving over-sized children’s puddings loaded with sugar.
  • There is no correlation between meal price and league table position. Children’s meals at the top five attractions are, on average, 5p cheaper than children’s meals at the bottom five.

You can find the league table here. And don't forget to pack your own lunch if you're planning to visit Legoland!

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