What makes it harder for London's children to be healthier?

28 August 2019

At SFM we're really pleased to read a report from London's Child Obesity Taskforce that puts children right at the heart of the research.

The report, published during the summer, tells the stories of four children living in London. We follow the four through an average day and get a clear picture of the challenges they encounter as they consider what to eat and drink and where to safely play outside.

It's worth noting that during the School Food Plan in 2013, this child-centred approach was identified as one of the three ingredients to a successful school food service. Perhaps by giving children and young people a voice in the childhood obesity debate we can design programmes and interventions that get us closer to our shared goal - child obesity halved by 2030.

In other news ...


18 November 2019

We are looking for two new people to join our School Food Matters team and help us achieve our mission to ensure that every child enjoys fresh sustainable food at school and understands where their food comes from.


26 November 2019

With only three weeks remaining of the General Election campaign, you may have already met canvassers - party activists and volunteers - going door to door asking for your vote.


2 December 2019

There are now less than 10 days to go until the 2019 General Election!