What do teenagers think of food and farming?

22 October 2018

A new report from LeafEd reveals that only 22% of teenagers have received any information about careers in food and farming.

Perhaps we all need to work harder to inform students of the wide range of careers available.  This is important as despite long hours and hard work being the phrases most commonly associated with farming, 32% of the young people consulted would still consider farming as a career option.  Other findings include:

  • Working with animals was the most popular as a career option with being a chef also one of the more popular.

  • 87% agree that young people should be more interested in how food is produced and where it comes from.

  • 86% of teenagers would search online or take to social media to find out more about farming 

  • A short (30-second) video is teenagers’ preferred format of online content.

  • Three quarters (75%) think science and innovation will underpin a sustainable future for farming and food.

You can read the full report here.



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The words “healthy eating” have been removed from the framework and we can find no reference to "school food", "food education" or the government’s proposed Healthy Schools Rating Scheme.