Welcome to the sugary drinks tax

6 April 2018

Read about how the sugary drinks tax campaign was fought and won in a report published by our friends at Sustain.

The report How the sugary drinks tax was won, charts the developments of the campaign over the last five years. This was a truly collaborative effort that brought together campaigners with a common aim; to reduce the intake of sugar through consumption of sugary drinks - the largest single source of sugar in children’s diets, accounting for almost a third of their sugar intake.

We're proud to have played our part on the advisory board of Children's Health Fund which pioneered the sugary drinks tax in the UK, with hundreds of restaurants, led by the Jamie Oliver Group, adding 10p to their sugary drinks.  Proceeds from the fund were awarded in grants to projects around the UK which improve children’s health, with a focus on providing water fountains and projects supporting children through the school holidays with fun activities and healthy food.  

All eyes will now be on government to ensure that the funds raised through the levy will be spent on children's health, in line with its commitment, found in the Childhood Obesity Plan, to invest in "programmes to reduce obesity and encourage physical activity and balanced diets for school age children".

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