Veg Power

8 June 2018

We've been getting creative with Veg Power, contributing ideas to get children growing and eating more veg.

Veg Power is on a mission to create a powerful advertising campaign for veg which uses the full range of marketing techniques to increase the UK’s consumption of veg. The campaign will seek to inspire children, support parents and encourage everyone to enjoy more veg.

Veg Power is raising funds to support the campaign and has pulled together chefs, campaigners, food growers, farmers, politicians and anyone else who cares about good veg for good health to contribute to The Truly Epic Book of Veg Power.  You'll find us under "Growing Ideas". Reserve your copy now and help spread the word about the power of veg.

In other news ...

Childhood Obesity; Time for Action

Childhood Obesity; Time for Action

5 June 2018

In case you missed it over half term, the Health Select Committee has published its latest report on Childhood Obesity, aptly named "Time for Action".

Childhood Obesity Plan Chapter 2

12 June 2018

While we’re waiting for government to publish chapter two of its Childhood Obesity Plan (see Latest News 5 June) we’ve been watching the Twitterverse to gauge public opinion …