Veg Power

3 May 2018

A new crowdfund from the Food Foundation has launched today, calling for a dedicated marketing fund to improve the image of vegetables to young people and their families.

Backed by celebrity chefs, medical experts, food producers and teachers, Veg Power is setting out to transform children’s current attitudes to vegetables. The fund will use top people in the advertising industry to create impactful, innovative digital campaigns aimed at children. Figures currently show that 80% of children and 95% of teenagers do not eat enough veg and diets low in vegetables cause 20,000 premature deaths each year.

The  fund will also support and help parents by offering an alternative to the junk food advertising that kids are exposed to everyday.        

According to the Children’s Food Trust’s State of the Nation report, 86% of children are reported by parents to pester them for junk food. Much of this pestering is the result of junk food advertising and figures from the Food Foundation show that just 1.2% of food and soft drink advertising spending goes on vegetables.

It is hoped that the long-term goal for Veg Power is for it to be sustainably funded by government and the food industry and that by investing in promoting vegetables it will change children’s attitudes and offer health benefits, reducing the cost of treating diet-related disease on the NHS. 

The next project will be a book of Veg Power, containing fun kids' activities, veg facts, tips and kid friendly veg-centered recipes from over 50 expert contributors.

Donate to the crowdfund here.

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