Three cheers for schools and their caterers!

20 March 2020

We've been hearing such inspiring stories from our schools and catering teams that we thought we should write to Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson.

DfE is doing a brilliant job at mobilising support to keep children well fed during the school closures. We want our caterers front and centre of this effort and would promote catering teams above supermarket vouchers if a catering service is possible.  You can read our letter below.

In other news ...

Feeding children during school closures

19 March 2020

The Department for Education (DfE) has released new guidance for schools around Free School Meals (FSM) during the school closures

International School Meals Day

12 March 2020

On International School Meals Day it’s worth celebrating the fantastic job done by school cooks and caterers across the world to make sure children at school are happy healthy and ready to learn.

Department for Education

Updated guidance on free school meals during school closures

31 March 2020

DfE has updated guidance for schools on free school meals during school closures. First port of call is always your school caterer. If your caterer is unable to support, the voucher scheme is explained and DfE has settled on £15 per child per week.