Three cheers for Dr Rashford, the children’s food champion!

8 October 2021

Marcus Rashford collected his honorary degree this week, and used his speech to draw attention to child poverty and the cut to universal credit.

The University of Manchester last year awarded school food champion Marcus Rashford an honorary doctorate, the highest decoration the University can give. Yesterday, he collected his degree and described the presentation as ‘bittersweet’, because it coincided with the cutting of universal credit by £20 per week.

The youngest ever recipient of the university’s award, Rashford took the opportunity to call for an end to a ‘child hunger pandemic’. He told the BBC ‘You've got to decide between - are you going to eat or are you going to be warm in the house?

‘These are decisions that you don't want people to go through, never mind children.’

Marcus is asking MPs to go out into communities like where he grew up and meet people who are going to be impacted by the cut. The footballer says the cut could ‘see child poverty rise to one in three children.’

As one lifeline is removed for millions of families across the country, increasing the eligibility for free school meals has never been so important. He, like School Food Matters, backs the recommendations in the National Food Strategy and is asking you to #WriteNow to your MP using this simple form, to ask them to support the recommendations.

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