13 January 2020

A new study has reported a 28% reduction on average in the total amount of sugar sold in soft drinks in the UK between 2015 and 2018.

The data revealed that 73% of the sugar reduction was due to reformulation of existing products or the introduction of new, lower sugar drinks, while 27% was due to changes in consumer purchasing behaviour. This is evidence that sustained pressure on business, including taxes, can lead to industry changes.

Despite this reduction, sugar content remains high in many drinks and varies considerably. Additionally, children are still consuming more than twice the maximum sugar allowance. Health associations and consumer groups are calling for the soft drinks sugar tax to be extended to include sweetened milk-based drinks such as chocolate milk and milkshakes, which are often targeted at children.

It is also important that revenue raised from the drinks manufacturers is ring-fenced, as promised, to support children’s healthy living services to have the maximum impact on the health of children.


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