Students head to Westminster to challenge food poverty

17 January 2019

Young people from across the UK travelled to the House of Lords today to ask that parliamentarians listen to their experiences of food poverty and work with them to affect change.

MPs, peers and civil society experts heard directly from nine ‘food ambassadors’ between the ages of 10 and 20 years old, who travelled from England, Scotland and Wales. The young people hope that their work with the Children’s Future Food Inquiry will highlight the pervasive nature of food insecurity in the UK which they say affects every aspect of their lives, despite their belief that everyone has a right to eat properly and seek help without judgement. 

They presented the new ‘What Young People Say About Food’ report which sought the views of 11-18-year-olds and found that a quarter of children who do not receive free school meals have gone without lunch because they couldn’t afford it.

Read the full press release here.

In other news ...

Our submission to the Ofsted consultation

3 April 2019

We've just submitted our response to Ofsted's draft inspection framework calling for a renewed focus on healthy eating and food education.

Secondary students discover all things compost at Organic Lea

26 March 2019

Students from Kelmscott School delved into the fascinating world of compost last week with a visit to the wonderful Organic Lea food co-op.

Respond to Ofsted's consultation by this Friday!

1 April 2019

The words “healthy eating” have been removed from the framework and we can find no reference to "school food", "food education" or the government’s proposed Healthy Schools Rating Scheme.