School meals during Lockdown 3

7 January 2021

On Monday the PM stated "We will provide extra support to ensure that pupils entitled to free school meals will continue to receive them while schools are closed".

School food campaigners were so encouraged by the Prime Minister's reference to free school meals during his address to the nation. This was followed by the Secretary of State for Education's statement in the house that extra funding would be available to support schools to provide food parcels or hot meals, and a national voucher scheme where a local solution is not possible. But schools and local authorities, and indeed, catering teams are all still waiting for guidance so that they can prepare appropriately for the long weeks ahead.

That's why, with our campaign partners, we've written to the DFE to ask for clarification. You can read our letter here.  Fingers crossed for a speedy response.

In other news ...

New Briefing Paper on tackling childhood food poverty

5 January 2021

A briefing paper by the University of Leeds on mitigating childhood food poverty has found that expanding eligibility for free school meals would narrow inequalities in health and educational attainment.

Families in Southwark and Lambeth to receive breakfast boxes during school closures

11 January 2021

We’ll be supporting children and families at risk of food insecurity with our Breakfast Boxes while schools are closed during the third national lockdown.

Free home learning resources for parents

12 January 2021

Countryside Classroom has relaunched its Home Education Hub which features a wealth of free, downloadable resources to help with teaching and learning at home.