Respond to Ofsted's consultation by this Friday!

1 April 2019

The words “healthy eating” have been removed from the framework and we can find no reference to "school food", "food education" or the government’s proposed Healthy Schools Rating Scheme.

This matters as with children in school for 190 days we have a unique opportunity to model good eating habits and teach children about the food that will keep them healthy and ready to learn.

In our survey of nearly 1,000 teachers, parents and governors, 97% were in favour of a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme and 72% wanted Ofsted to use the scheme as a way to judge how schools are supporting children to keep themselves healthy. Now we need to tell Ofsted!

With the addition of some simple wording we can refocus attention on to children’s health.  The consultation document is comprehensive and covers many areas but our area of influence is under Proposal 1. Quality of Education. If you’re short of time, we’ve put together some suggestions for your response here.

You’ll find the draft framework and handbooks here. You can respond online here.

Together we can convince Ofsted to look at the steps taken by schools to support children’s health and recognise the great work of those leading on creating a good food culture.

Act now! Deadline for your submission is this Friday 5 April.


In other news ...

STM Summer Sale. Photo: Adrian Pope, Battersea WFM


15 July 2019

This July calls for a celebration as primary and secondary schools raise an impressive total by selling school-grown produce in markets across London.

At last - some joined up thinking about food!

27 June 2019

Three cheers for our friend Henry Dimbleby who will be leading the National Food Strategy – the first food strategy since World War II.

Fruit picture with price

400,000 children in London experience food insecurity

2 July 2019

As part of the London Food Strategy, the Mayor of London committed to measure the number of Londoners who struggle to afford or access enough food.