A Million Thank Yous

20 April 2021

Some of the children who received our Breakfast Boxes have been in touch to say thank you.

After reaching our milestone millionth breakfast delivery, we thought we’d share some of the wonderful letters we have received from children in Lambeth and Southwark.


Children from Angel Oak Academy wrote to us about how the breakfast boxes made them feel. One wrote: “We were so excited to see what was in the bag. We honestly couldn’t wait to eat all of it.”

Another told us the boxes changed the atmosphere in the school: “The playground has been very merry and cheerful thanks to you and School Food Matters.” Another wrote: “Their faces light up with a beautiful smile when they receive the packs for nobody expects to be given something so nice in life.”

Many children singled out the fruit and veg for praise. “I have really enjoyed the various fruits like grapes, bananas and oranges as well as rice and pineapples. My mum has made rice and stew and she has made porridge with the ingredients.” A huge thank you again to to Abel & Cole for supplying 2.8 tonnes of extra fruit for the Breakfast Boxes.

One child explains how the programme helped their mum by saving her money and energy during the pandemic. Another tells us how children have been able to begin their days with full stomachs and ready to learn.

It is telling that one in four children receiving our Breakfast Boxes cannot access free school meals. The gratitude shown in these letters reiterates the real need for support as the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated food insecurity. The Government must consider extending its support as part of a review of its school food policy.

All of us at School Food Matters have loved reading the letters from children and are grateful to everybody who has made the Breakfast Boxes programme successful.

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