Mascots Anonymous

8 October 2021

What happens when junk food mascots come to terms with the damage they’ve done?

Our friends at BiteBack have created a video exposing the dark side of the food industry, with a humorous touch. Using typical children’s food marketing mascots such as a cartoon animal and a superhero, the video takes real facts and dresses them up in a drama about a help group.

Previous work from BiteBack has demonstrated the shocking extent of junk food advertising aimed at children. It is time big businesses are honest about their food. Many are exploiting loopholes in laws controlling how food is promoted, at the expense of our children’s health. 

The BiteBack team is currently working on new research to expose the most manipulative food brands, which pretend to be healthy while full of sugar, salt or fat. For now, please enjoy the short film here and share it with your networks.

In other news ...

Marcus Rashford making a graduation speech

Three cheers for Dr Rashford, the children’s food champion!

8 October 2021

Marcus Rashford collected his honorary degree this week, and used his speech to draw attention to child poverty and the cut to universal credit.

A picture of various foodstuffs

Food Price Increases Add To Pressure On Families

26 October 2021

Food price inflation is compounding the devastating impact of rising bills and lessening support, especially for families with children on free school meals.

Plate of vegetables and pasta

Serving Better: Helping Local Authorities Buy More Sustainable Food

20 October 2021

Along with fellow organisations in the Eating Better Alliance, we have put together new guidance for local authorities on sustainable and healthy food procurement.