Happy International School Meals Day!

14 March 2019

Today we are raising awareness of the importance of school meal programmes worldwide and the positive impact they have on fostering healthy eating habits both at home and at school.

The theme for this year's International School Meals Day is ‘Who makes my meal’, encouraging young people to think about their favourite food; where it comes from and who provides it.

To help us celebrate ISMD, Salt Yard Group, a collection of three Spanish/Italian style restaurants across London, are kindly donating £1 to School Food Matters from every table booked today. Their generous support will help us to continue to improve school meals and deliver food education projects across the country.

Schools can find useful resources and links here and join in the celebrations on social media using #ISMD2019.


In other news ...

Ban on junk food ads across TFL network begins

25 February 2019

Today we're celebrating the start of The Mayor's groundbreaking new policy addressing the capital's increasingly high rates of childhood obesity.

Children’s breakfast cereals still shockingly high in sugar

26 February 2019

A new survey by Action on Sugar has revealed that many cereals with packaging that may appeal to children still contain 'unacceptable' amounts of sugar and salt with supermarkets' own-brand products being worst offenders.

Broken Plate report reveals the health of our food system

28 February 2019

A new report from the Food Foundation has identified ten signs that show the UK’s food system has led the country into a national health crisis, with children and households on low incomes suffering the severest health consequences.