Guidance is here!

8 January 2021

We're warmly welcoming the guidance on providing school meals during lockdown as there's help available to ensure that free school meal children don't go hungry this lockdown.

The guidance published this evening encourages schools to use their caterers to provide food parcels for free school meal children unable to attend school but there's help where this is impossible.  But they've added flexibility to help schools find local solutions to best serve their families.

This flexible approach will be appreciated by schools and reflects calls from school food campaigners! Key points:

  • The government will continue to provide schools with their expected funding for benefits-related free school meals and universal infant free school meals throughout school closures
  • Schools can claim an additional £3.50 per week per child to go toward the costs of preparing a food parcel. This brings the funding in line with last lockdown's £15 per week allowance
  • If a catered offer is not possible, schools can buy vouchers for their families locally and claim to be reimbursed up to £15 per eligible FSM pupil per week.
  • The support will remain in place until February half term and will be reviewed.
  • The temporary extension of free school meals to families with no recourse to public funds remains in place.
  • The national voucher scheme will become available as soon as possible
  • Support for the Easter, summer and Christmas holidays is already in place for all free school meal children through the Holiday Activity and Fund programme.


More information will follow.  We're pleased that this information has come through at last and will post once the guidance for caterers comes through. 



In other news ...

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14 January 2021

Sub-standard food parcels revealed on social media have led to calls for an urgent review of school food policy across the UK.

School meals during Lockdown 3

7 January 2021

On Monday the PM stated "We will provide extra support to ensure that pupils entitled to free school meals will continue to receive them while schools are closed".

Families in Southwark and Lambeth to receive breakfast boxes during school closures

11 January 2021

We’ll be supporting children and families at risk of food insecurity with our Breakfast Boxes while schools are closed during the third national lockdown.