Good news from Ofsted

5 March 2015

Thanks to all of you who responded to the Ofsted consultation before Christmas.

We encouraged our supporters to respond to Question 4 on the 'personal development, behaviour and welfare' judgement. Within this judgement lay the magic words "healthy eating'. The good news is that Ofsted has written to the All Party Parliamentary Group on School Food and made a firm commitment to include a judgement on healthy eating in the new inspection framework (rather than just in the guidance) which means that inspectors will place greater emphasis on this issue than before.

They have even said their inspectors will visit the school canteen and look at the food on offer. You can read the letter here.

This is extremely encouraging and goes beyond the commitment made in the School Food Plan. SFM is excited to support the School Food Plan once again and be part of the team working with Ofsted to ensure training resources for inspectors are effective to ensure healthy eating and food in schools in properly inspected.  Hurrah!

In other news ...

Young people call for Government action on children's food insecurity

13 July 2020

The Children’s Right2Food Campaign’s Young Food Ambassadors have published their new Charter.

School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme to Resume!

16 July 2020

In welcome news for school food campaigners, the Government has confirmed the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme will be returning.

National Food Strategy Part One

29 July 2020

The National Food Strategy Part One is here and it contains some exciting recommendations to help children access healthy food.