Eat them to defeat them

28 January 2019

VegPower and ITV have unveiled their radical new ad that aims to encourage kids to eat more veg.

Taking a significantly different approach in strategy, the Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign, has deliberately left out any talk of the health benefits of greens or the importance of getting your five-a-day. Instead it pits vegetables as an enemy that adults have been trying to keep at bay for years. And the only way that the veg can be defeated is by kids eating them!

It was also fantastic to see the 60-sec ad shown during televisions first 'vegetable-only ad break' during The Voice. 

Watch the ad and read more about the campaign here.


In other news ...

A soup-er successful Winter Sale

12 February 2019

Borough Market traders were given a run for their money last week when four local primary schools set up shop for the annual Young Marketeers Winter Sale.