Don’t let No Deal mean No Meal

7 March 2019

We’re proud to be supporting Sustain in its campaign to safeguard vulnerable families in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Frontline charities, public sector food providers and groups working with local authorities have sent an open letter calling on the Prime Minister to provide a 'hardship fund' to prevent millions of people falling into hunger, namely:

  • Children, hospital patients and people in cared-for settings, fed by public sector institutions
  • Vulnerable people being fed by frontline charitable groups, such as hostels for homeless people, children’s breakfast and holiday hunger clubs, lunch clubs for older people and domestic violence refuges
  • People in crisis who are being referred to food banks, and those experiencing household food insecurity due to low income

With the likelihood of disruptions to our food supply being very high, food price inflation and the reduced availability of many staple food items, especially fresh and healthy foods, a no deal Brexit is likely to affect these people and the services providing food to support them, disproportionately.

Take action! Write to your MP to raise these concerns in Parliament and call on PM Theresa May to act now.

In other news ...

Children’s breakfast cereals still shockingly high in sugar

26 February 2019

A new survey by Action on Sugar has revealed that many cereals with packaging that may appeal to children still contain 'unacceptable' amounts of sugar and salt with supermarkets' own-brand products being worst offenders.

Broken Plate report reveals the health of our food system

28 February 2019

A new report from the Food Foundation has identified ten signs that show the UK’s food system has led the country into a national health crisis, with children and households on low incomes suffering the severest health consequences.

Chef Simon Boyle cooks with Sixth form students

13 March 2019

Last week, 15 lucky students from UAE Southbank in Southwark were treated to a hands-on cooking session with chef and social entrepreneur, Simon Boyle as part of our Cooking Ideas series.