Covid Summer Food Fund - guidance is here!

25 June 2020

Department for Education has published its guidance on the Covid Summer Food Fund. Lots of helpful information and a few more questions from us!

We were pleased to see that the guidance addressed most of the points raised in our letter to the Secretary of State including confirmation that:


  • families with no recourse to public funds will be covered by the fund
  • schools will be able to make alternative arrangements for families if the Edenred scheme does not work for them
  • schools will be able to claim for alternative arrangements from the 'exceptional costs' fund
  • families newly eligible for free school meals will be able to access the support
  • schools can order vouchers for an extra week if summer holidays stretch to seven weeks


There are however a couple of points that need further clarification so we've written another letter to DfE asking the following:

  • Will there be a mechanism for families who become eligible for free school meals during the summer holidays to apply for support?
  • Can schools claim from the exceptional costs fund if they provide something other than vouchers?
  • Will the guidance on families with no recourse to public funds be updated to reflect the increased income threshold?


You can read our letter here.

In other news ...

School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme to Resume!

16 July 2020

In welcome news for school food campaigners, the Government has confirmed the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme will be returning.

Young people call for Government action on children's food insecurity

13 July 2020

The Children’s Right2Food Campaign’s Young Food Ambassadors have published their new Charter.

Boris' new obesity plan

27 July 2020

We welcome the government's new obesity strategy which sweeps up many of the actions outstanding from the various chapters of the Childhood Obesity Plan.