26 November 2019

With only three weeks remaining of the General Election campaign, you may have already met canvassers - party activists and volunteers - going door to door asking for your vote.

While many people find this irritating (“I just want to eat my dinner in peace!”), party canvassers play an important role in the political system. They are there not only to communicate the ideas and policies of their party to you, the voter; but also to feed back the views and feelings of the people in the community back to Party HQ.

In our Election Manifesto 2019, we identified five key areas we would like all parties to focus on:

  • School Food Standards
  • Food Education
  • Free School Meals
  • Better Procurement
  • Promoting Water


To help prompt a conversation about the importance of healthy school meals, we've now put together a quick guide with some suggested questions you can ask canvassers that appear on your doorstep!

In other news ...

Students enjoy 'virtual' cooking masterclass

22 May 2020

Children from our member school, John Ruskin Primary, were treated to a masterclass in gnocchi making today with Italian chef Vicky Veltry.

Legal action to feed children over summer holidays

5 June 2020

What a sad day when NGOs have to take legal action in order to ensure that children are well fed during the summer holidays.

Help us save seasonal veg

1 June 2020

With most of the food services sectors currently closed, a great deal of veg is at risk of going to waste.