Christina Adane Keeps School Food In the Spotlight

22 November 2021

The young campaigner is relentless in her determination to improve school food.

As we continue our campaign for reform of the school food system, it is heartening to know that the campaign has some powerful advocates. We’ve learned over the past 18 months that compelling stories from families with first hand experience of food insecurity can change policy.

Marcus Rashford got the attention of the PM by sharing his experience of growing up in a family where access to good food was a daily struggle. BiteBack 2030’s youth ambassador, Christina Adane goes a step further, sharing our belief that it’s not just about access to food, but access to good nutrition.

In an article in the Huffington Post, Christina talks about the stigma felt by many children receiving free school meals, when the food offered by school was of poor quality: 'I never really felt like I was working class until it came to lunchtime. You have the same resources, you have the same teacher, but it’s always the food that separates you.'

These stories strengthen our resolve to make monitoring of school meals a focus of our School Food Review campaign so that every child gets access to nutritious food at school. Keep going Christina! We need more voices like yours to keep school food high on the political agenda.


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