Children’s Future Food Inquiry report launches in Westminster

25 April 2019

Young Food Ambassadors from across the country joined Dame Emma Thompson at Westminster to call for urgent political action on child food insecurity.

An estimated 4.1 million children live in poverty in the UK, with an estimated 2.5 million living in food insecure households that struggle to earn enough income to pay for a healthy diet all year round.  

The Children’s Future Food Inquiry has spent the last 12 months gathering evidence from workshops with nearly 400 children across the UK, plus polling of young people's views and academic research on food insecurity. 

The final report includes the #Right2Food Charter which presents the Inquiry’s young ‘Food Ambassadors’ (aged between 10 and 18 years) recommendations for loosening the grip of food poverty on children in the UK. They include a call for a new independent Children's Food Watchdog to support actions designed to improve access to quality, nutritious food as well as recommendations on addressing holiday hunger, children from families with no recourse to public funds, unhealthy food marketing and the stigma attached to free school meals. 

Please show your support for a Children's Food Watchdog on social media with the #Right2Food.

the stigma attached to free school meals.

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