Childhood Obesity; Time for Action

5 June 2018

In case you missed it over half term, the Health Select Committee has published its latest report on Childhood Obesity, aptly named "Time for Action".

The report makes a series of informed and considered recommendations around marketing and advertising, labelling, takeaways and further fiscal measures. The committee echoes our concerns about the lack of government action, calling for "a full and timely implementation of all of the school-centred measures contained in the original 2016 Child Obesity Action Plan."

School Food Matters' submission to the committee was presented as written evidence and is referenced on page 30, and you can read it in full here.

All eyes are now on government to adopt a whole systems approach to "change the narrative around childhood obesity, to make it clear that this is everyone’s business" and "set clear and ambitious targets for reducing overall levels of childhood obesity and the resulting health inequalities."

Next step will be for government to publish chapter two of the Childhood Obesity Plan.  But, as ever, NGOs won't wait.  We'll continue to support schools and families to develop a healthier food culture where children can thrive.

In other news ...

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