Chef Simon Boyle cooks with Sixth form students

13 March 2019

Last week, 15 lucky students from UAE Southbank in Southwark were treated to a hands-on cooking session with chef and social entrepreneur, Simon Boyle as part of our Cooking Ideas series.

Simon led the Sixth Form students through a recipe for pan-fried salmon, teaching them how to correctly fillet a fish and how to plate their dish to a restaurant-quality standard. 

Careers Leader at UAE Southbank, Amel Mazari said, “Simon’s visit has allowed students to become more skilled at culinary practise and prepare them for an independent life after sixth form. Rather than surviving on noodles at university, they will now have a little bit more confidence to cook a basic meal.”

The recipe features in Simon’s latest book, ‘How to Cook and Keep Cooking’ which aims to give people the building blocks to cook and look after themselves via simple, easy-to follow recipes and advice on affordable nutrition.

Keep an eye out on our Cooking Ideas page for recipe!



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