Chef Chantelle celebrates veg at Tredwells

22 February 2018

Chef Chantelle Nicholson of Tredwells stepped out of the kitchen to share her love of fresh seasonal veg with students from Grey Court School.

The group of year 11 students, all studying for the GSCE in Food and Nutrition, got a behind the scenes tour of Tredwells, Covent Garden. Chef Chantelle split the group into three veg themed teams - cauliflower, carrot and rhubarb - and explored all the wonderful ways to use every part of each vegetable. And students learned about all the career opportunities within a restaurant, from chef to sommelier, maître d' to marketing director. Huge thanks to Chef Chantelle and her wonderful team at Tredwells, particularly for the delicious rhubarb choux buns! 

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