7 October 2019

The UK Government has released updated information for schools on preparing to leave the European Union.

Schools are advised to contact their food suppliers ahead of the 31 October deadline, to ensure those suppliers have a plan in the event of no-deal Brexit. Food suppliers must ensure they can continue to meet nutritional standards, while also meeting special dietary and allergy needs.

Importantly, SFM is encouraged to see that the advice concludes by noting that the school food standards are still in place, and that school meals must continue to be provided to all registered pupils who request one. However, we remain concerned that the government does not actively check compliance - an issue SFM continues to campaign on. Further, while frozen fruit and vegetables can be a reasonable substitute, the anticipated price hikes will add pressure on delivery. SFM believes the biggest challenge to schools in the event of no-deal will be the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. If we exit without a deal at the end of October it will happen at a time when the UK seasons are against us.

We are confident that the brilliant cooks and caterers working in school kitchens across the country will get creative and continue to deliver school food that meets the standards regardless and we hope that any interruption to supply chains will not severely compromise the quality and delivery of school food.

In other news ...


26 November 2019

With only three weeks remaining of the General Election campaign, you may have already met canvassers - party activists and volunteers - going door to door asking for your vote.


18 November 2019

We are looking for two new people to join our School Food Matters team and help us achieve our mission to ensure that every child enjoys fresh sustainable food at school and understands where their food comes from.


25 November 2019

This year, we are supporting schools in the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Brent, Enfield, Islington, Camden and Greenwich.