Breakfast clubs improve primary school results

7 November 2016

Independent research released last week by the Education Endowment Foundation has found that breakfast clubs in primary schools can boost attainment.

Reading, writing and maths results were improved by the equivalent of 2 months progress over the course of a year when children were given a free and nutritious breakfast before school thanks to Magic Breakfast. Pupils' concentration and behaviour also improved, resulting in better outcomes for all children, not just those who actually attend, by creating better classroom environments. Read more here.

Carmel McConnell, founder and Chief Executive of Magic Breakfast, said:

“This important, independent research shows a significant boost to attainment resulting directly from Magic Breakfast provision. If we as a nation are serious about tackling educational underachievement, this evidence shows the Magic Breakfast model of low or no cost nutritious school breakfasts, with the targeting of those most in need, really works. It's time to embed this approach and gain that same classroom success for every vulnerable child.”

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