8 November 2019

The Bite Back 2030 Youth Board has released an open letter asking social media influencers who advertise junk food to use their power and influence to promote healthy foods.

They are hoping to encourage young people to add their names to the open letter to get the message out to influencers to take junk food out of the spotlight.

The influencer marketing sector is thought to be worth $10bn, with food being the second most active industry. Gigi Hadid famously posted an Instagram post sponsored by McDonalds which received almost 2.5 million likes. Studies have shown that children eat 25% more sugary snacks when exposed to influencers promoting these types of foods. The Youth Board are therefore asking influencers to STOP posting ads for fast food online and use their influence to have a positive impact on thousands of young people by promoting healthier options. 

Dr Alex George, who has a following of 1.3m on Instagram, is backing the Bite Back 2030 campaign and agrees that the message is wrong. It's time for all young people to stand up and bite back. The food industry needs to change to give every child equal opportunity to be healthy. #biteback2030

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