16 September 2019

The latest research by Action on Sugar reveals the shocking amounts of sugar and calories in some waffles, pancakes, crepes and pretzels when eating out.

There are many products which far exceed the recommended daily guidelines in just one serving. For example, one pancake surveyed contained 25 teaspoons of sugar (100g), which is over three times the maximum daily guideline. Have a look at the survey results here for a nutritional breakdown by product.

The survey compares the nutritional information of products sold in out of home eateries with those sold in supermarkets. There are many similar products offered in supermarkets that sell well and contain far less calories, salt and sugar, so there is no reason why we cannot be given healthier options when eating out.

The results highlight the need for mandatory calorie and colour-coded nutrition labelling in the out of home sector and for the reformulation of morning goods. Many companies are hiding their nutrition information, and even those which offer some nutrition information online fail to do so at the point of sale on menus. It is now up to the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England to enforce reformulation and menu labelling in the out of home food sector.

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