• A school meal with rice and vegetables
    14 November 2023
    One third of families can no longer afford school lunches
  • Children eating school meals
    30 October 2023
    Primary children want free school meals for all
  • Various plates of school food atop a servery, incluidng salad, bread, jacket potatoes and beans
    12 October 2023
    Big caterers shirk responsibility for antibiotic use
  • Children eating school food at lunch time in school hall
    9 October 2023
    Public health experts call for school food for all
  • Child at the front of a school lunch queue being handed a plate of food by an adult
    19 September 2023
    Children don’t have enough money to eat
  • Young child giving thumbs up as they enjoy a school lunch with peers
    12 September 2023
    Trade unions demand Labour expands free school meal provision
  • Free school meals
    4 September 2023
    Voters overwhelmingly support free school meals
  • Children queuing and being served school food
    3 August 2023
    New data show too many children are still missing out
  • Front cover of the 'toolbox' created by Chefs in Schools with text reading 'Universal free school meals toolbox: tips, hints and tricks for a whole school approahc to delivering UFSM'
    4 July 2023
    Top tips from Chefs in Schools for providing universal free school meals
  • Previous Young Marketeers Sale Day
    4 July 2023
    Step right up: Our young food producers prepare for nationwide Market Days
  • Secondary school pupils eating school meals together
    25 May 2023
    Tower Hamlets: Free school meals for all secondary pupils
  • Children eating school lunch
    5 April 2023
    School food in spring