• Children queuing for school food
    31 August 2022
    There will be more hungry children – will there be more food?
  • Picture of school meals plated up
    19 July 2022
    New report recommends improved checks on school food
  • Sale day
    23 June 2022
    Roll up, roll up: Our upcoming market days
  • Children eating school meals
    20 June 2022
    Mayor of London Calls for Universal Primary Free School Meals
  • Children eating school meals
    14 June 2022
    Small funding increase for universal infant free school meals
  • Children on farm
    13 June 2022
    Government Food Strategy Found Wanting
  • Children queuing for school food
    9 June 2022
    The sad reality behind the new data on free school meals
  • Children receiving school food
    31 May 2022
    Education Sector: Government must extend free school meals now
  • Members of School Food Matters staff at a protest at Downing Street
    20 May 2022
    Joining Jamie at the Downing Street Demo
  • Child eating an apple
    16 May 2022
    Government plays politics with children’s health
  • Selection of foodstuffs from a food aid parcel
    11 May 2022
    Millions missing meals
  • Child in field with plants
    28 April 2022
    What’s in the Government’s Education Climate Change Strategy?