• school meals being served
    28 February 2023
    Stockport Council to extend free school meals to more children
  • seconday school children eating school meals
    24 February 2023
    Southwark to provide free school meals to more secondary school pupils
  • Good School Food Awards Jamie Oliver Nominate Now!
    22 February 2023
    Jamie Oliver Good School Food Awards
  • Primary school children eating lunch together
    20 February 2023
    Free school meals for all London primary school children
  • Children being served school lunches
    17 February 2023
    Thousands missing out on school lunch due to admin
  • School food being served
    16 February 2023
    Updated guidance for governors
  • Child eating school breakfast
    16 February 2023
    School leaders call on government to expand breakfast programme
  • Selection of vegetables
    1 February 2023
    Taking The Biscuit: Government health app promotes ultra-processed foods
  • Children learning to cook at school
    16 January 2023
    More speakers announced: Join special 5x15 event with School Food Matters
  • Secondary school students enjoying a school lunch together
    11 January 2023
    Tower Hamlets could provide free school meals for all
  • Children eating school meals together
    7 December 2022
    City of Westminster to provide free school meals for all primary children
  • A plate of school food
    1 December 2022
    School food standards compliance pilot begins