Yoghurt alert!

Yoghurt alert!
19 August 2021
A new survey of yoghurts with child-friendly labels has found they contain alarming levels of sugar and misleading packaging.

Action on Sugar has undertaken a product survey of 100 yoghurts with packaging aimed at children. The survey found only 5% of the products contained low levels of sugar, while 63% provided at least a third of a 4–6-year-old’s maximum daily sugar intake in one pack! 

Nestlé took podium positions as the worst offenders, with their Rolo Mix-in Toffee and Smarties Vanilla Flavour yoghurts containing a whopping 5.5 and 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving, respectively!

The ingredients of the yoghurts include ‘free sugars’, such as added sugar, syrup and fruit concentrate, which are harmful to children. Two-thirds of the yoghurts were also found to be either medium or high in saturated fat. Despite this, their packaging makes claims about calcium, vitamins and high protein content, and uses cartoon imagery to distract from the nutrition labels.

“With ten children out of every class of thirty leaving primary school either overweight or obese, it is imperative that food companies act more responsibly and commit to reformulate sugar, salt and calorie reduction instead of foisting unhealthy products on us that contain child friendly packaging with misleading nutrition and health claims.”

Professor Graham MacGregor CBE, Chairman of Action on Sugar, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Queen Mary University of London

We support Action on Sugar’s call for the Government to step in to restrict child-friendly packaging and misleading nutritional claims on yoghurts.