What are the London Mayoral Candidates’ plans for food?

29 April 2021
Following the Good Food Manifesto, we hear what some of the London Mayoral Candidates had to say about their food vision for London.

Next Thursday 6 May will see Londoners turn out to vote for the next Mayor of London. Following up on the Good Food Manifesto, London Food Link have asked the four main party candidates what they would do about food in London, if elected.

Shaun Bailey of the Conservative Party would like to ‘give London a fresh start’ with a 790% increase in funding to tackle childhood obesity. The Greens’ Sian Berry said if she was elected Mayor then she will extend and ensure the nutritional quality of free school meals.

Liberal Democrat Luisa Porritt will work to promote greater take up of Fairtrade products and introduce food growing projects to communal spaces. And, if current Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan is returned, he pledges to continue lobbying the Government for universal primary free school meals.

You can find the full Vote Good Food report here, including what the four candidates had to say about food in their manifestos. Follow the social media campaign via the hashtag #VoteGoodFood.