Westminster Council to extend free school meals AGAIN!

9 March 2023
Westminster City Council will provide additional school meals to nursery and secondary school children from September.

On International School Meals Day, we are extremely pleased to share that Westminster City Council will be providing even more free school meals next year. The council has announced it will provide free school meals (FSM) for an additional 14,000 children in the borough, from ages two to 14.

In January this year, Westminster joined Islington, Newham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets in providing FSM for all their state primary school pupils. In February, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced funding for all primary pupils across all London boroughs to receive FSM.

As a result of this additional money, Westminster City Council has been able to reallocate £2 million to feed even more children from September. For the first time, children in early years settings will also benefit from FSM.

"We want to take some pressure away from families at a time when we know they are already struggling. Some parents go without to fill a lunchbox with whatever is left in the cupboard – however meagre – to ensure their child has something to eat at school. It cannot be right that children in one of the richest cities on earth are being left to make do with scraps. We need to see equality built into the system for future generations."

  • Cllr Adam Hug, Leader of Westminster City Council

This is yet another news story about a local authority stepping in to feed children, thanks to some unforeseen funds. Surely, we shouldn’t be relying on finding money down the back of the proverbial couch to feed our children. The government must step up, and fund school meals in the same way it does pencils and playgrounds.

If you agree with us, and say 'yes' to school food for all, add your name to our map here: schoolfoodforall.org.