School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme
5 September 2017
We love the Department of Health's School Fruit and Veg Scheme and we'd love it more if it could be pesticide-free!
School Fruit and Veg Scheme

A new report from Pesticide Action Network (PAN) found pesticide residues in free fruit and veg given to four to six year olds and highlighted that for only 1p per child per day (£5.6 million per annum) all the core produce given out could be switched to organic. That would be good news for children and for our organic growers.

We know that many school caterers have successfully switched to organic produce as part of the Food for Life scheme so perhaps this report will be the catalyst DH needs to make their School Fruit and Veg Scheme even better.

PAN applauded DH's efforts to get children eating more fruit and veg and certainly didn't wish to alarm parents but added "The Department of Health urgently needs to switch to sourcing all produce for the scheme from producers using minimal pesticides, ideally British organic farmers.”