School Breakfast Bill

School Breakfast Bill
Photo: Magic Breakfast
21 September 2020
Six children in every class of 30 are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn.

The School Breakfast Bill has been prepared by Magic Breakfast and Feeding Britain and is due to be presented to Parliament by Emma Lewell-Buck MP on 14 October 2020. 

The Bill will give state funded primary and secondary schools the support they require to provide a free breakfast to pupils, where there is evidence of need, or where a specific request is made. This will ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds benefit fully from the education system and have the chance to reach their full potential, levelling up opportunities for young people across the country.

You can read a background briefing document on the School Breakfast Bill here.

The Bill is currently supported by around 50 MPs from all parties and we want to continue to grow this number. Please join us by writing to your MP asking them to support the School Breakfast Bill.