We urge the government to advance food education and food provision in its spring Budget

27 February 2024
Each spring, the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivers a budget statement to MPs, outlining the government’s financial plans. Ahead of this year’s announcement on 6th March, we submitted our recommendations.

We believe the ability of every child to learn about and have access to healthy, sustainable food at school is dependent on the joint implementation of food education and provision efforts. This can only be done with an intentional government focus on equitable access, fairer funding and quality assurance. 

To deliver this whole school approach to great food, we recommend that the government invests in: 

  • the reintroduction of Food A-Level and school gardening programmes 
  • delicious, nutritious and sustainable school meals, properly funded for all children 
  • mandatory monitoring and accreditation scheme to ensure quality food education
  • funding for the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) to continue and expand
  • renewed funding for the Household Support Fund
  • and continued support for the Soft Drinks Industry Levy for Public Health

In what will be its final Budget statement, we hope the government will take careful consideration of these recommendations so that children can reap the many long- and short-term benefits associated with food education programmes and free school meals for all.